Four Harris County bond propositions passed with overwhelming support

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HOUSTON, TX - Have you heard about the bonds?  Not James Bond.  We're talking about money.  The four Harris County bond proposals submitted to popular vote on Tuesday, passed with overwhelming support.   The county will now have an extra $848 million to invest in roads and infrastructure.

"It really shows a vote of confidence in us and we're very grateful for that," said Kim Jackson, Harris County Flood Control District spokesperson.

Prop 1 gives the county $700 million for road projects.  Prop 2, $60 million for parks and trails.  Prop 3 will provide $24 million for animal shelters, and Prop 4 will pour $64 million into flood control projects.

"The $64 million that were approved for flood control purposes are actually going to go towards partnership projects that we will do with the four Harris County precincts,"Jackson explained.

Among residents, the trauma of Memorial Day's flood is still fresh… or should we say wet?

"The flood has definitely had lingering effects,"expressed Houston resident Scott Hausman-Weiss.  "Last weekend, when we had that big threat of a major storm coming in… we were alert and ready."

With the runoff for Houston mayor on December12, flood prevention is a hot issue.

"Every city is capable of flooding," warned Houston mayoral runoff candidate Sylvester Turner. "I think you wanna make sure though that the city takes every conceivable step to mitigate the flooding."

Could anything have been done differently to prevent the disaster?

"There obviously was not a plan in place," declared opponent Bill King.  "It took the city way too long to react to that."

So now that all this money is available,  it's time to get to work because a home sweet home is always better without flood waters knocking on your door.


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