Nov. 3: Free FOOD! Uber launches ‘Get Out the Vote’ initiative


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HOUSTON (CW39) — Uber has launched a new initiative to help Americans exercise their right to vote in the 2020 election, by offering free food.

“Uber’s unique Get Out The Vote initiative is helping people register to vote, offering discounted rides to and from the polls and feeding people while in line to vote at their polling place,” said Danielle Burr, Head of Federal Affairs at Uber.

The new initiative includes:

  • In-app poll finding feature & discounted rides to the polls on Election Day: Uber is offering 50% off roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $7 each trip), or up to $14 for the two trips.
  • Uber Eats & Pizza to the Polls launch food trucks: Uber Eats is partnering with Pizza to the Polls to deploy a fleet of over 250 food trucks across 25 cities to deliver free food and good vibes to polling places with long lines. The food trucks will be giving out free Shake Shack, Milk Bar and local favorites while playing music and celebrating civic engagement. They’ll be on the road October 29 through Election Day.
  • Greenlight Hubs as polling places: As social distancing guidelines reduced the capacity and availability of existing in-person voting locations, Uber worked with the Civic Alliance to offer election officials its Greenlight Hubs as polling places.
  • Drive The Vote with Uber: Uber for Business helps organizations drive their own Get Out the Vote initiatives.
  • American flag Uber icons: After booking your discounted ride, you’ll see the car icon featuring an American flag.

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