HOUSTON (KIAH) — The Viet Cultural Festival is this weekend, courtesy of The Vietnamese Culture and Science Association. This event for the whole family includes a cultural flagship project in effort to preserve and further promote Vietnamese culture to the mainstream community and the community right here in Houston.

The intention of the event is to become an annual tradition attracting people from all cultures and backgrounds in Houston and its vicinity while celebrating the vibrant, rich diversity of Houston and simultaneously highlighting the beauty of Vietnamese culture.

Enjoy variety of cultural foods

Viet Cultural Festival will feature the food cultures of Vietnam’s three regions: North, Central, and South through cultural exhibitions. The festival’s theme is called Taste of Vietnam with a program featuring a children’s traditional dress contest, a teen pageant, a Phở eating contest, interactive cultural games, and other various tournaments and contests.

FREE Community offers

In addition to featuring local and national Vietnamese-owned businesses and restaurants, the event will also provide community services throughout the festival, including a free health fair, flu shots, and legal consultations. Viet Cultural Festival will be held at NRG Center.

For more information, visit the event website at www.vietculturalfest.org.