French authorities positively ID remains of man behind Paris terror attacks

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SAINT-DENIS, FRANCE – In the words of a famous film crime family, he sleeps with the fishes. And by “he” we mean Abdel Hamid Abaaoud, the suspected brains behind last week’s terror attacks in Paris.

French authorities say he’s dead, blown to pieces when French police raided an apartment building in Saint-Denis.

His female cousin blew herself to bits. One other terrorist also died.

France's interior minister connected Abaaoud to four foiled plots. He's promising to push European officials for better cooperation in the fight against terrorism since French officials didn't know Abaaoud was in France until three days after Friday's attacks.

ISIS released a new video, sort of, threatening to attack New York City and Washington, DC.

However, Big Apple police officials say the video is nothing new, just bits and pieces of previous ISIS videos.

ISIS also posted to its online magazine pictures of hostages from China and Norway. ISIS says they were shot in the head after no one paid their ransom.

The anonymous hacker group calling itself Anonymous declared a cyber war against ISIS after last week’s attacks. Now, Anonymous claims it disabled 6,000 Twitter accounts linked to ISIS, which responded by calling Anonymous “idiots.”

In this country, the House overwhelmingly approved a measure with bi-partisan support that requires homeland security clearance before any displaced person can get into the US. And that could take years. Also, the senate has to pass it and the president has to sign it.

And right now, Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid says his caucus will block the bill if it comes up for a vote.

More political posturing that doesn’t bring anyone any closer to making a bad situation better.

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