French troops move further into Mali

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MALI, WEST AFRICA – You hear about all sorts of war like the U.S. – Mexico drug war, the War on Terrorism, but the war in Mali?!

Mali is a country in West Africa and villages there are reportedly being taken over by the Islamists.

Last Friday, French President Francois Holland ordered an intervention in Mali to push the Islamists rebels out. Officials say they’re controlling the north part of the country.

The attacks had been limited to aerial assaults, but that’s all about to change as the French troops move in; and their actions aren’t coming without consequences.

The Islamist militants reportedly seized a foreign-run gas field near the Algeria-Libya border, and they took dozens of foreign hostages in retaliation.

Things are still unfolding as we speak, so it’s too early to tell exactly what will happen.

Although if we’ve learned anything from the past, history isn’t too kind to French interventions.


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