Friends get more important as we age

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Grego talks about the need for friends and how they become more important as we get older.

"Did you know yesterday was National Best Friends Day? Nearly a million tweets as a Twitter trending topic! Since they`re still your best friends, I think it`s worth a mention today. I find my friends are increasingly important in my life as I get older. Besties happen different ways, and bonds strengthen over time, say from childhood. when people 'commit' to being friends though, time or years having known the person is irrelevant, however lifelong friendships are very special. Notice I said 'commit' to being friends? Yeah, true friendship is a commitment, it goes both ways, everything you want and expect them to be and do for you, in turn you must be willing to do for them. Not because you`re keeping score, but because you 'genuinely' care for that person and 'love' them. And for the record those arm around the neck 'I love you man' moments that happen with guys when throwin` a few back, I don`t think is the booze talking, it just loosened you up to allow you to express your feelings when otherwise it`d be considered unmanly or touchy feely! What makes life worth living are the people in it. Family, and being surrounded by friends you can laugh and cry with, support, lean on, trust completely, rely on, share the most intimate and personal details of your life with and more. Between two and five is the average number of close friends men and women have in their lives. no possession attainable can make you as happy as family and true best friendship. To my best friends watching except the one who`s out of state, I love you all and I feel incredibly blessed to have you in my life. Maybe next time you`re with your friends you can tell them how much you appreciate and love them too! It`s all part of being the best friend you can be!"


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