From beauty pageants to “Queen” of the ring; wife of Booker T shows who really ‘lets em have it’

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TEXAS CITY, Texas — She’s regal, she’s dominant and she’s the beauty and brains behind the “let ’em have it” King. But how many people know the real “Queen Sharmell,” wife of professional wrestler Booker T?

Her story is one for the record books, and she spoke to NewsFix about how she came out swinging — and won — after being caught up in one of the most scandalous headlines in the 90’s.

This Houston area resident has been center stage with greatness from the start of her career…and it keeps going and going…..and going.

Huffman has seen and done so much, from being Miss Black America in 1991, to being a backup dancer, to her more well known role in the WWE. But Huffman’s rocket has been soaring long before she became the wife of a wrestling legend.

And speaking of legends — let’s just name a couple more associated with Huffman.

The backup dancing gig — was for non-other than the legendary James Brown.

“That was three and a half years of awesomeness,” she said.

And as for that Miss Black America title? Huffman inadvertently found herself a part of one of the biggest headlines of the decade, centered around one of the biggest stars — legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

The year Huffman won the crown, Tyson was a judge for the pageant, which became marred in a rape controversy.

Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington, Huffman’s fellow Miss Black America contestant. Tyson went to prison, and Huffman’s win was overshadowed by it all.

“I’m here thinking ‘OK, I just won Miss Black America, I have this great platform which was bridging education through multicultural diversity,’ but I really felt bad for all the parties involved. Everybody started to live in a fish bowl so this was the topic; this was the story,” she said.

Huffman then decided to write her own story, and became “Queen Sharmell” of the WWE ring.

“I love becoming a different character. When I’m on stage I become somebody else,” she said.

Today, the wife and mother describes herself as one who wears many hats.

“It’s mom. It’s wife. It’s business owner. It’s talent. I guess I would be a professional juggler if there is such a thing,” she said.

Together, Huffman and Booker T run a training center in Texas City and have their own television show, “Reality of Wrestling,” which airs every Sunday morning on CW39.

“Reality of Wrestling is definitely a labor of love,” Huffman said. “We put a lot of hard hours into this. We hope our students will make it up to the big time, and we do all that we can to get them there.”

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