From tragedy to best seller

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HOUSTON, TX – If the story of a life could be told in a book, Justina Page’s would be a tragedy. In March of 1999, Justina’s home caught fire.

“I woke up to explosions, fire, heat,” she says.

Sleeping in one room of the house were her 22-month-old twin boys. Her husband managed to get only one of them out.

“And then unfortunately the house caves-in.”

And so did she. Justina was in a coma for months. She awoke to find one of her twin boys gone and the other severely burned.

“When I was in the ambulance on the way over – and the paramedic, by the way, I mean, tears are just dropping on me and I’m thinking, ‘this is bad because I know these people are trained to control their emotions’ and he’s just screaming, ‘breathe baby, please breathe,’ so obviously they were losing me is what I came to think but then I start hearing this voice and it sounds like a bear and I’m like, ‘what is that,’ and then it dons on me: it’s one of my children.”

It would have been enough for any parent to lose hope. But it was here instead that she found it. In a promise she made to her sons.

“I told them, ‘right now they don’t understand what the family went through, you don’t understand a lot of things that have happened to us, but when you get older, Mommy’s going to write you a book called The Circle of Fire.'”

Since releasing her book, Justina’s life has changed. She was honored with the ‘America’s Favorite Author award.’ She has also begun a nonprofit called the Amos House of Faith’ that supports families and children effected by burn trauma.

Her message to readers, regardless of their trouble, is the same.

“I say, there is rebound, there is a way to stand on top of what happened to you.”


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