‘Frozen’ Frenzy Continues with Sexy Halloween Costumes

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As Halloween approaches the Frozen frenzy isn’t melting away. Yandy.com is selling the sexy versions of the Disney characters.

The Ice Queen costume bears Elsa’s blue dress, while letting go, if you will, of a little bit of hemline.

Then we have The Norwegian Maiden Costume, and of course the Funny Snowman. Which by no means, should anyone wear!

But are we really that surprised that Elsa got sexy?! It seems as though everything is turned into a sexy Halloween costume. And Yandy.com has “tapped” into the trend.

Costume sales now make up more than a quarter of the lingerie company’s total sales. It now offers 2500 costumes and a successful get up will sell in the thousands.

CEO Chad Horstman said in an interview, “Girls are always trying to one up each other. They are always trying to wear something no one is going to wear, so the creativity level has to go up from the French maid costume.”

Oh and they have some of the most creative, sexy Halloween costumes.

Take a bite outta the Sexy Watermelon. Or you and your girls can go as a sexy hamburger and fries.

Not quite sure about the sexy Bert and Ernie. Think maybe it should stay on Sesame Street. Sexy George Washington will make every guy’s flag pole come out.

But I do draw the line at the sexy orca whale. There’s nothing sexy about being a whale.

Here are some rules when it comes to sporting a sexy Halloween costume:

  1. Don’t try and make something sexy, like a whale, or inanimate object, you’ll just look stupid
  2. Don’t be racist or culturally insensitive
  3. Make sure you’re sexy but wear the proper fit for your body type
  4. Don’t feel like Halloween is the only night of the year that you can rock a costume or get your freak on

As they say over and over in Frozen, “let it go, let it go!” Trick or Treat!

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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