FTC offering $50000 to end robocalls

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USA – We know you must be tired of getting those pre-recorded telemarketer “robocalls!” It’s so bad it is now to the point where the Federal Trade Commission has turned to you.

The FTC is running a contest to find a solution to block all of those annoying robocalls.

They’ll award the winning submission $50,000 and a trip to Washington DC to present the idea.

The FTC has already received 230 submissions, including ideas for a 24-hour hot line and phones that require the caller to enter a three-digit code for the call to connect.

Within the past two years, the amount of complaints about robocalls to the FTC has more than tripled.

So if you have an idea, now is the time to get it out there. You would have millions of fans after coming up with a successful solution!


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