Galveston police arrest 11 sexual predators in online sting

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GALVESTON – Starting last Wednesday, the Galveston Police Department, as a member of the Houston Metro Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force spearheaded a three day operation to apprehend sexual predators functioning in the Galveston area.

Designated Operation “On the Hook”, the objective of this multi-jurisdictional effort was to effectively identify and arrest individuals engaging in the online sexual exploitation of children. Officers and Agents from the Galveston Police Department, Pearland Police Department, University of Texas Medical Branch Police Department, and Homeland Security Investigations, in cooperation with the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office, posed online as middle school aged children.

Utilizing online sources and social media outlets, these officers would engage in conversations with both men and women who were clearly looking for sex with children. After assuring that the perpetrators knew they were underage, and after these same subjects described, in detail, what types of sexual acts they were planning on doing with them, they were told “I’m home all by myself right now”, and were given an address believed to be where the child lived.

These predators would then show up at an innocuous apartment in Galveston and knock on the door believing to be greeted by the child they had just spoken with online.

Instead these suspects would be greeted by four large Galveston Police Officers, comprising an arrest team that would take them into custody. Several of these suspects attempted to run, and some even fought, but all were apprehended.

In total, the Task Force arrested 11 suspects, eight for Felony Online Solicitation of a Minor, and three for both Prostitution and Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity.

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