Galveston police use pepper spray to clear Mardi Gras goers

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GALVESTON, TX – Looks like Mardi Gras turned into Mardi Gross for some folks in Galveston Saturday evening.

Galveston and UTMB Police say it was time to close-shop in Galveston, so they lined up and started to ‘sweep’ the area, turning all the partiers west, towards the exits. Some, however, apparently weren’t ready to call it a night.

Cops say they came across quite a rowdy crowd at 22 and Strand. Police say the group had allegedly taken fencing from parade floats and blocked the street. When police tried to move the barricades — they say they group started throwing bottles at them.

That’s when, police say, they were ordered to deploy oleoresin capsicum canister (fancy words for “pepper spray”) into the crowd. The first canister didn’t work, but a second can of the chemical and they scattered like roaches.

A confirmed gang member’s said to be the “main agitator” but cops ended up arresting a total of 19 people during the sweep, and no one was hurt.

Take a tip from the 90’s, friends. “Closing time” doesn’t mean you have to go home… it just means you just can’t stay there!


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