Gas lines remain long and prices increase, but one group of car owners is not feeling the affects of the gas shortage


COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Russian Cyber attacks on the Colonial Pipeline have sent car owners into a frenzy looking for gas as prices rise and the shortage continues. However, one small group of car owners can’t relate to the challenges gas car owners are facing.

Tesla Electric car owner, Bridgette Spice says she didn’t always think an electric car was better, but after seeing the lines caused by the shortage, she said she will not be going back to owning a gas car.

“When I saw the lines for gas yesterday evening, I mean literally out in the street from the service stations, I said no more for me I love the electric vehicle just because of that,” said Spice. “Don’t have to fight and worry, because I can continue to work.

In addition to avoiding a lack of access to gas, some electric car owners are also avoiding the price increases all together.

Erica O’Neil, an Atlanta resident who stopped to charge her Tesla at the Columbus charge station, said one free charge in between Atlanta and Panama City gets her home at no cost.

“Well I’m benefited because I charge my car for free, so although gas is high and in some places non-existent it doesn’t affect me,” said O’Neil. “So I’m able to charge between Atlanta and Panama City one time here and then I’ll make it home so no issues for me whatsoever.”

Having an electric vehicle has made such an impact during this shortage that Todd Weiland, another Tesla owner who stopped at the Columbus charging station, says he’s thinking about getting rid of his second car–which runs on gas.

“We have two cars and it makes me think that we should be trading the gas car for an electric car so we would have two electric cars not have to worry about,” said Weiland. “And driving around Atlanta in this last night passing the lines at the gas station was kinda fun.”

The Colonial Pipeline has begun to resume operations, but there’s no telling how long we’ll continue to see the effects of the shutdown before supply returns back to normal. 

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