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SACRAMENTO, CA – When someone goes to jail they pretty much lose all their rights. But gay inmates in California are getting one back.

Since Prop 8 and DOMA have been struck down, it seems like all California gay couples are running down the aisle. Now inmates can jump on the bandwagon, too.

Michael Stainer, the Director of the Adult Institutions Division for the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sent out a memo saying:

‘Effective immediately, all institutions must accept and process applications for a same-sex marriage between an inmate and a non-incarcerated person in the community, in the same manner as they do marriages between opposite sex couples.”

Of course there are a few exceptions. Inmates cannot marry each other, and if an inmate does tie the knot, they have to do it in a prison-based setting.

Now gay couples all over the state can head down the aisle!