Georgia’s “Guns Everywhere Bill” doesn’t scare Houstonians

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ATLANTA, GA – Apparently guns are what it’s all about in Georgia!

New legislation signed by Governor Nathan Deal, nicknamed the “Guns Everywhere Bill”, allows Georgians to carry guns into bars, churches, school zones, government buildings and certain parts of airports.

At Athena Gun Club in Houston, they’re all about guns, but with one emphasis, “Safety, as I’ve said is our number one concern, and I think again, as long as the discretion is left to the owner of that establishment, I think that they’ll be safe,” said Steve Bishop of Athena Gun Club.

Most Houstonians we talked to are not opposed to the Georgia gun law. Hey, this is Texas after all.

Carl Sorensen said, “There’s pretty heavy background check with a concealed license and they are for the most part responsible citizens to go through that background check.”

“The more people carry concealed weapons that are properly trained and know how to handle their weapons and are licensed to do so, I think that it’s a good deterrent,” according to Paul Davies.

Sara Esquenazi said, “I think that everybody has a right to carry a gun if they are checked thoroughly, and I think it’s important.”

But not everybody is so accepting of this peach state law!

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Houston said, “Radical new gun law allowing guns in schools, churches and bars puts lives at risk and will lead to increase in gun violence.”

Laura Ekume, exclaimed, “It is terrible. I am so dumbfounded and I don’t know what to say. The killing that is going on. School children, innocent kids that are killed in schools. It is awful.”

For the time being, if you’re worried about this peach of a law, stay out of Georgia after July 1st.

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