Getting cash for gold and silver just got harder for thieves

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HOUSTON, TX – As the prices for gold and silver continue to climb, lots of people are digging through their jewelry boxes, hoping to turn bling into bucks.

Trouble is, thieves have the same idea, only the gold and silver belong to jewelry stores or individuals.

The City of Houston wants to make it tougher for the bad guys and girls to cash in on someone else’s property, so city council members made some changes to the ordinances regulating dealers in precious metals.

Before dealers can turn gold and silver into cash, they’ll have to get the seller’s thumb print and take a digital photo of whatever they’re buying.

They’ll also have to log their daily purchases onto an Internet database so cops can cross-check them against stolen goods. Kind of like what’s required of scrap-metal buyers, because we all know that you can’t be too careful when protecting the family jewels.



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