Giant turtle helps recovering alcoholics

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LOUISVILLE, KY – An African tortoise isn’t your average pet, Spike isn’t doing average things.

He lives on the third floor of the Wayside Christian Mission. His caretaker, William Duncan, works in the mission print shop. It’s a job that takes patience, as does walking an 11-year-old, 85 pound turtle.

Duncan says they walk twice a week for four or five hours.

“He’s like a therapy turtle, he really is. It gives me hope that some way or another I can work my problems out,” said Duncan.

Spike isn’t just helping Duncan, he’s helping recovering alcoholics at the mission.

“They love him, they ask me everyday ‘where’s Spike?'”

Spike’s not going anywhere. He could live to be 80-years-old; that’s some serious turtle power.

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