Girl Scouts scammed with $24,000 cookie order

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PORTLAND, OR – It’s Girl Scout cookie time again. And two troops in Portland are feeling a bit burned by the whole thing.

See — they there were elated when a big corporation placed an order for 6,000 boxes. That’s $24,000!

The problem came when they called the company to collect; no one there knew anything about it.

The Girl Scouts had been scammed!

Sucks, right? Even more than those new Mango Cremes!

It looked like the girls’ summer camping trip, paid for by cookie sales, was off.

But the Portland community had different plans. Folks there lined up out the door to buy up case after case from the duped do-gooders.

They sold more than half of the cookies in one day and are planning another sale Saturday.

Since the incident, the person who placed the fake order came forth to apologize. And what did the Girl Scouts do?

Just what you would expect– they forgave her.

We wonder if the Boy Scouts will be as forgiving of Madonna for putting them on blast over banning gays at the GLAAD Media Awards.

“I think they should change their stupid rules,’ Madonna said, seeming very annoyed and dress in a Boy Scout uniform. ‘Don’t you?!”

But back to the girls — scout leader Sarah Miller turned this sugary scam into a life lesson, “For every one person that has bad intentions, there are hundreds more with good intentions and good hearts that are here to help you.”

Good advice! So when they get into “Samoa” trouble with someone trying to “(Tre) foil” their plans, they can “Do-si-do” their way out of it. “Thank You Berry Munch!”


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