Glitch: Watch that helps you date, goodbye to Apollo, Twitter battles trolls and more!


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Ever wonder if you're a boring date? A new watch from the science nerds at M.I.T. is trying to help you out. This wrist-worn wingman listens to your conversation and monitors your vital signs, then vibrates if it's algorithm senses boredom or that things are heading south.

The watch is supposed to help those unable to read social cues. Now if they could only find a way to make folks actually interesting.

And then…

The vast reaches of space are a little darker today. Actor Richard Hatch, 71, has passed away after his struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Baby boomers will remember him as Captain Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, while Gen X'ers know him as Tom Zarek from last decade's Battlestar reboot.

Star Trek actor George Takei tweeted out:


While Hatch`s recent costar Edward James Olmos added:


Twitter takes on the trolls—again! President Donald Trumps' favorite media tool announced they'll be going one step further in protecting its users from abuse and harassment.

Those banned from the Twittersphere will no longer able to just create another handle and go right back to business as usual. Twitter plans to use both algorithms and human editors to try and find repeat offenders, effectively banning them for life!

Last but not least…

For Friday the 13th fans itching for the next installment in the Jason Voorhees saga — looks like you'll have to wait a little longer.

Paramount Pictures announced the new film, set to start shooting in six weeks, had it's release date removed from their schedule.

But The Hollywood Reporter says the film is no longer happening at all, at least not at Paramount.

Critics points to a less than successful opening weekend for paramount's scary third installment in the 'Rings' series— that pulled in just $13 million.

Whether film execs stay spooked or give the man in the hockey mask another go is still yet to be seen.


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