Global warming is scandalous science?

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Grego sounds off on global warming saying that temperature data is being manipulated for all the wrong purposes.

"Wanna stand out from the rest of the crowd? Be prepared to be mocked and criticized? Are you a person who believes facts over hype? Tell people global warming is baloney.Headline, 'The Telegraph' UK - the fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever! Uncovered case after case of temperature data being manipulated to show warming when the facts actually show a cooling trend. Now, you environmentally-conscious types who want to preserve the planet for future generations, as I do, are justified in your efforts and your motivation is pure so keep at it! Politicians, like Al Gore, get rich and governments use phony warming data to justify increasing taxes. To take over the energy industry, look what`s happening to U.S. coal mines, to promote and subsidize green business owners who donate to campaigns, look up a half billion dollar loan by the U.S. government in 2011 to Fisker a now bankrupt California electric car company that set up shop in Finland! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being used as the pit bull to control and regulate more and more areas of our lives - all with the goal of expanding government power. Political correctness plays a role, too, because the peddlers of this lie use words like 'the public good' as a reason to stand down and just go along like a good sheep. Save the planet, don`t litter, conserve our natural resources but reject any attempt to hijack your liberty and rob your freedom in the name of progress.. Do your own research and maybe you`ll warm to the truth."


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