Going from 100s to 50s, cold front to bring fall to Texas



HOUSTON, Texas (KIAH) Wednesday marks the first official day of fall, and right on cue, our first significant cold front in months will deliver some very pleasant weather. Until then, it’s summer-like heat with 90s in Houston and 100s in other parts of Texas.


The image above shows high temperatures for Monday, with most of Texas in the 90s and 100s. The cold front moves through Houston late-day Tuesday. Behind it, cooler and drier air moves in. Check out the image below, showing temperatures Thursday morning with 60s and a few 50s.


More good news: the cooler and drier feel will last for multiple days, with some moderation in temps by the weekend. By the way, Houston did not reach 100 degrees this summer, and it’s safe to say that won’t happen the rest of the year. Last time that happened was 2014.

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