Goodyear offers Lindsey Lohan, Amanda Bynes driving lessons

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AKRON, OH – Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes: two of Hollywood’s finest actresses known for their superb skills in front of the camera and behind the wheel. Alright, so we’re being sarcastic.

It’s no secret these ladies suck at driving. They’ve been in a slew of accidents and probably have a rap sheet longer than the list of movies they’ve been in.

Now Goodyear, yes the tire manufacturer, is reaching out to the troubled stars. They sent letters to the two offering them free driving lessons. They want to bring the ladies out to their Akron, Ohio headquarters for a private one-on-one lesson with their professional drivers. The perk: no paparazzi allowed…at least that’s what Goodyear says.

Sure, no paparazzi, but a great PR student by Goodyear nonetheless.

Well played Goodyear, well played!



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