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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Hey, he who laughs last, laughs best. Right? Well, Google’s not laughing anymore, but the Minions are. As part of Google`s annual April Fool’s Day trickery. The yahoo`s there decided it would be ‘hilarious’ to add a new send button to user`s Gmail accounts, attaching a little yellow joker, dropping a mic to emails sent by users.

Funny right? Problem is, the joke totally backfired on the search engine giant. Apparently the Minions caused some users to lose their Friday email threads and others to lose their jobs.

Allan Pashby posts: “Thanks to mic drop. I just lost my job…my boss took offense to the animation…” Another poster said, “I just sent off an email to the first person who wanted to hire me in months…I clicked the wrong button and sent the mic drop…I’m going to cry now.”

Google has since apologized. Guys next time take your own advice and don’t be so evil.