Google develops 3D vision smartphone

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Who needs Mother Nature when you have Google? The internet giant has developed a new mapping project called Tango, that will allow you to see the real world in 3D, through the screen of your phone.

Basically this phone will help us create an instant 3D map of a room, for instance, so we can calculate dimensions. It will also help with indoor navigation. In other words: Google will collect visual data of every single building on the planet. Can somebody stop them, please?

This technology is not ready for commercialization just yet. Although the news is probably making competitors shake. But don’t worry: sooner or later someone will come up with a software for your brain, so you can make phone calls without an external device, or even upload your thoughts to the cloud. Having said all this, you wonder if the future of awesome, might not be that awesome after all.


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