Google Glass being shipped to developers

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Hey techies, listen up! Google Glass is coming, well sort of.

By now you’ve probably heard from Google Glass, also known as Project Glass. It’s a wearable computer with a head-mounted display. And the reality glasses are becoming, well reality. They’re getting shipped out, but before you get too excited, they’re not getting shipped to stores.

Developers and early adopters are the first folks that will get their hands on the devices. Lots of people, whom Google calls ‘Explorers’ signed up to receive the demo glasses. And Google wrote a letter to them reading in part:

‘The hardware and software are now ready for you. We’re seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now.’

Nearly 2,000 people signed up, but instead of waiting for 2,000 devices to be ready, Google says they’re going to start sending them out in waves. So it’s only a matter of time until Google Glasses hit the stores.


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