Greater Church of Lucifer set to open in Old Town Spring

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OLD TOWN SPRING – Tucked between the antique shops and eateries of Old Town Spring, is something that seems out-of-place. Look carefully or you might miss it. But remember, the devil is in the details.

It’s a sign for The Greater Church of Lucifer. Their website says the grand opening will be on October 30, or the day before Halloween, also known as Devil’s Night. No coincidence there. The church had no comment for us today. But according to their mission statement, they’re not Satan worshipers. They follow something else. The Luciferianism mindset of things sees Lucifer as something different. According to them, they still see him as that angelic bringer of light.

The community of Old Town Spring might have some bias towards the Lucifer location, some say they will tolerate the new tenants. Still, many shop owners hope the new church doesn’t damper the spirit of the town.

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