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artHOUSTON, TX – It looks like every day the Bayou City is one step closer to becoming graffiti town. You know the campaign “Houston Is…”  Well, the former Pavilions is on board. Not only has it changed its name to “Green Street” but also adapted its look to a more… can we say “Houstonian style?”

“We felt like the Houston Pavilions name didn’t really resonate with downtown residents and employees,’ explained Courtney Ray, Marketing Associate for Midway. ‘We divided up the walls to play off of the Houston Is campaign so each wall would represent one of the key-words “hip, tasty, funky and inspired”.

Here’s an empty wall downtown — here’s your money — paint whatever you want. It doesn’t get any better than that, right? But it takes Gonzo247 and a group of renowned artists to get such an offer.

“The mural is my understanding of Houston being a funky city,’ says artist Kelyne Reis. ‘I want to have people coming, seeing and getting in touch with the color, movement, and this idea that Houston is growing.”

“A fair view of downtown from the bayou,’ said artist Wiley Robertson about his mural. ‘The bayou and the city. I have the word “love” coming up from the city. You can see the clouds, the sunset, sunrise… love…”

These creative folks are pretty excited about the amount of opportunities Houston has to offer right now. Also, they’re convinced that in a few years from now we’re gonna be challenging L.A. and New York as art capitals of the world. We don’t know about that, but here’s some tips for young aspiring artists: “For the young artist, especially if you’re gonna break the law…,’ joked Robertson, ‘it’s best to do it when you’re young because you can get it expunged off your records when you’re 17.  But if anything, if you love it enough you’re gonna work on it all the time.  If people are gonna see your artwork around the city, you need to make it as good as possible.”

Anyway, our city is living a creative revolution. One of these days, we might even have the chance to park our cars and walk around.