Greg Abbott unveils second part of his education policy

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HOUSTON, TX – In politics, all sorts of hot topics draw attention. The one that heated up in Houston was educated.

Attorney General Greg Abbott rolled out the second phase of his “Educating Texans” policy, “Governance.” In short, this phase is all about who decides how schools operate and where children go to school. Right now, local school districts have to follow state mandates and regulations, but Abbott wants to give that power to parents, teachers and school officials.

Of course not everyone’s on board with the second phase. But they weren’t on board with the first phase either. That’s the part that deals with testing. Lawmakers against Abbott’s plan say he wants testing done on students who are too young, like 4-year-old’s.

On top of all that, Abbott made this announcement at a Spring Branch I.S.D. school; that’s a district that’s suing him. The lawsuit stems from the $5.4 billion in educational cuts Abbott made.

More testing, but less money? Maybe the hardest test will be sorting all this out, before it potentially has a negative impact on those it affects the most — the students.

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