Grego gets annoyed when flying

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Grego tells us what really grinds his gears when taking a plane flight.

"Holiday travel, with the merriment of the season, I feel I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't help get you into the proper headspace for airline travel. Uh-huh, strangers together in tight quarters! I just flew and what's up to the security guy at Bush who let me go through the pre-check! Number one, if you're a person of any size, bring your favorite pain reliever because a back ache is guaranteed with seats as cramped as ever! An Expedia airline etiquette study ranked the top annoyances. particularly bothersome for me, were the aisle walkers. You know, the seat belt sign goes off and it's the same people back and forth. Who has to go that many times? That's what Depends are for! The loud talkers who, when the plane is at the gate hold full on conversations across several rows, with no care who hears (or wants to hear their business). According to the survey the rear seat kicker is the most aggravating. I get it, but I nearly came unhinged with the guy sitting in front of my wife, who each time she tucked her bag under the seat or moved her tray table, would turn half-way around and scowl!! The audio insensitive is also ranked and you can add video to it cause seats have TV's, like the guy and his wife next to me watching Baylor football and cheering outloud like they were in their living room, complete with fist pumping! And he hogged the armrest! And remember, fresh air is at a premium! Body odor so ripe it could be cologne!! And yes like a bouquet of flowers each person releasing their own "bottled up for hours" foul aroma. Oh yeah. best thing to do is tune out by sleeping or having a cocktail or two but no more, or else according to the survey 50% of the people will find you annoying, too! Send me your top annoyances. and I might use them on viewer feedback."





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