Grego sounds off on vasectomies

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Grego talks about vasectomies especially after studies show there was an increase in men having the procedure done during the recent recession of 2007.

“I knew there would come a day when the news would dictate that I speak on-air about a procedure many guys have and that I too have undergone.. It appears there’s been an increase in the number of vasectomies, especially during the 2007-2009 recession. Makes sense since children cost money, lots of it!  I had mine in Dallas. It doesn’t hurt, seeing the doc with his headlamp is more painful.. a weekend on the couch, your favorite beverage and a bag of sonic ice on said effected area and most are fine (March Madness is a good time)…soreness for a while. The pros and cons now. It’s  great for you ladies as birth control becomes a non-issue and rarely a surprise, but there’ve been stories. Would I do it again? Maybe, maybe not, though I have no regrets. We had girls back to back so trust me, I’m good!  For others, times change, feelings change, sometimes wives change, and you might want to have more kids. Reversal (so I’m told) is more painful and there are no guarntees you’ll get showtime again!  I will say I’ve seen some very prolific men who could stand to have their service disconnected with kids all over the place, but we reap what we sow so don’t we?  I’ll just say this, when it comes to children, I’m of the belief that you can get the same “parenthood bang for your buck” loving one, two or three kids.. leave strength in numbers to the army!”



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