Gunshot victim crashes into home, dies

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HOUSTON, TX – The Bayou City has seen its fair share of cars crashing into homes, but this is not your run-of-the-mill car crash.

This one’s more of a mystery you’d see on ‘The First 48’.

Harris County Sheriff’s say a guy in a Chrysler 300 pulled up to a four-way stop in northeast Harris County at the same time as another car.

Both cars flashed their headlights, but when the other car started to cross, the Chrysler 300 rammed it, pushing it down the street.

The Chrysler eventually came to a stop on somebody’s front porch.

No one inside the home was hurt, but when paramedics arrived, they found the driver had suffered more than just bumps and bruises.

It was a bullet wound, and the driver was dead on arrival.

So the plot thickens.

At this point, investigators aren’t sure if he was shot before or after the crash.

Anyone with information is urged to give Harris County Sheriff’s a call.


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