Hackers hit major banks in Czech Republic

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CZECH REPUBLIC – Somebody’s got it out for the Czech Republic. Hackers have been raising hell for all sorts of companies across the European country.

It started Monday with a few of the country’s main online news websites.

By Wednesday morning, hackers targeted the websites of big commercial banks, the country’s central bank and Prague’s Stock Exchange. It only affected online banking, and Czech officials say all of the accounts are safe.

Then Thursday, the digital geeks got to phone operators’ websites. Once again, the hack just affected the sites and not actual service.

Investigators say the hacks were what are called a disturbed denial of service, or DDoS, which inundates servers with digital requests. This shuts them down.

The servers are all back up, but investigators still don’t know who is responsible.

Whoever it is needs to get a new hobby.



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