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By: Ke’Tara Wells

HOUSTON — Have you ever heard the term, “Baby she has snatched my edges and laid them to rest?”

Well, after an Atlanta hairstylist broke the silence about edges and why it’s such a serious matter in a proper hair care routine, experts from A-Town to H-Town are weighing in and coming to the rescue of women who have found themselves in a “not-so-hairy” situation.

Jasmine Collins, owner of Razor Chic of Atlanta Salon, posted a Facebook video that received more than three million views of her client who suffered from “severe hair loss due to braids, sew-ins, quick weaves.”

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With the risk of humiliation, Collins wanted to spread awareness by sharing her 23-year-old client’s story who suffered from the “snatched up” epidemic.

“Again let me say that I’m not anti-weave,” she said. “ [you] just can not live by it on a everyday basis. I tell people all the time clients are chasing styles and stylist[s] are chasing the dollar and ain’t nobody listening to the hair. This has to stop!!!!”

Celebrities like NeNe Leakes, Serena Williams, Naomi Campbell and Tamar Braxton have been “poked at” on social media for lack of edges, pushed back back sew-ins and quick weaves.

Collins, however, is on a mission to save women from this embarrassment and revitalize their hair.

The award-winning stylist has been posting informative videos of her clients and their progress, while hosting hair care courses to ensure those edges not only stay in place, but slay in the process as well!

More women have been flooding the shop to let Collins breathe life again into their hair.

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Here in Houston, “Lynn Da Hair Doc” said it’s about proper installation and maintenance.  The well-known stylist, whose known all around for her tagline, “Life Has to be Given,” says you have to protect the hair under the weave, and she takes pride in every strand of hair that sits in her chair.  We caught up with her doing a “quick weave” at Bonafide the Haircut Bar, located in southwest Houston.

“It’s the pulling, it’s the tugging and the pulling and the excessiveness,” Lynn said. “What I put on my client’s hair is a protective sheet underneath. By me gluing this, the glue is not on her hair, it’s on top of this cap.”

Marcus Bowers, owner of She’s Happy Hair, says it’s not only about buying quality hair, but buying the right products to take care of your natural tresses. But in the meantime, if your hair has been damaged, he has pieces that can be bought at either one of his locations to help give you the glam look on the outside, while your hair remains under construction.

“The frontal is going to go from ear to ear, and cover up those edges, but give the look as if you have the long hair extensions flowing from the sides,” he said.

So see ladies, if you don’t want to look like Grego, you can get your edges fixed in Atlanta with Jasmine or in Houston with Lynn, and let She’s Happy Hair put a smile on your face.

Edges snatched — and that’s a wrap!