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HOUSTON (KIAH) For some, the sound of a razor is just a regular part of their morning routine like coffee brewing in a pot.

For others, like the people who seek haircuts from the non-profit organization Have Shears Will Travel, the sound of a razor is much like the sound of hope.

The organization was started by Barbara Goodson. A former hairstylist who saw the impact a haircut could have on someone’s life. Now she and her son travel all around Houston giving haircuts to anyone that needs them. 

Anyone that is disabled or unable to have transportation or cannot afford a haircut it is our mission to bring dignity to those people 

Barbara Goodson, Founder of have Shears will Travel  

Charles, a man who has been living on and off the streets for years being well-groomed means he can walk into a job interview with confidence. 

It’s been like this for a year and a half I’ve had a job since I was 19, From 19-30 and it is much harder to work when you are homeless. Umm I don’t know it is cold too, not last night but it’s just hard to stay clean.

Charles, Person without a home 

The organization has given about 28 thousand haircuts since they first began. Matthew Flores, who was inspired to become a barber after witnessing the impact his mother was making. He recalls one haircut where the person became emotional because no one had touched them in years.

It is just so apparent when we touch people and how their entire demeanor changes. To do that for Houston and give back to our community it’s the best possible feeling I could have.

Matthew Flores, Barber