Hanging decorations offend neighbors

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KENDALL, Fla. – Remember folks, there is a right way and a wrong way to decorate for Halloween. Some homeowners outside Miami, Florida say their neighbor’s attempt to make his house spooky only made it offensive.

Two dark figures hang from a tree in the front yard of a home in Kendall. One neighbor said,”You can’t have that outside your home. Kids are going to be walking by.” Photos have been circulating on social media, showing the dummies with nooses around their necks, dressed in hoodies and baggie pants.

Once the word got back to the homeowner, he put this sign in his front yard saying “Don’t be ignorant. it’s Halloween.” Another neighbor commented,”Though I respect everybody’s rights, but still you still have sensitive to other people and what happened in the past.”

The neighborhood property manager released a statement saying “The board of directors… has already… [asked] the homeowner to take it down…” The board is now giving the homeowner time to respond.

Halloween decorations are supposed to make people jump out of their pants, not get their panties in a bunch.

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