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Its that time of year again… graduation season.  The class of 2014 has to leave the comfortable nest of college life and enter the big bad workforce.

Aww it doesn’t have to be so bad.  In fact job search site CareerBliss compiled happiness ratings from users on their site and came up with this list of top ten happiest jobs.

Java developer, embedded software engineer, and .Net developer. That’s a lot of tech jobs, and Bauer College’s Rockwell Career Center Assistant Dean Jamie Belinne from the University of Houston says there’s something to that. She says, “The technical jobs, and the business jobs very clearly add to the bottom line of an organization. They understand how they fit in and why they’re valued, and so they enjoy their work.”

And as a student graduating this year, that’s great news to Biania Vasquez.

She explains, “I’m going to be doing an I.T. rotation progam, so basically I’ll be doing project management, and doing I.T., and business analyst.”

And why does she think that jobs in tech related fields put a smile on the face of those just out of college?

“Technology is moving quickly, and there’s a lot of fun and creativity that you can do with it.”

No job is going to make you happy every day of your life, but maybe this info can help some other young graduates getting ready to take a walk, high school students looking towards choosing their college major.