HOUSTON (CW39) Authorities thought they might have found a young man who was headed here, and had went missing since December 2020. An unidentified man found in New York turned out NOT to be that missing college student.

How did Jason Landry go missing?

Jason Landry was a student at Texas State University who was heading home to Missouri City for Christmas break back in December of 2020.

However, between leaving school and arriving home, but he didn’t make it home. His wrecked car was found in Luling a few days later, but he was not found. On a long gravel road in Luling Texas, Jason’s car was found, wrecked, with the keys still in the ignition. The headlights were still on.

And no sign of Jason.

For the last year and a half, there has been a search for Landry and his whereabouts, with many different clues and theories on what happened and where he is.

Latest break in the case

Early Wednesday June 27. New York authorities thought they made a break in the case. A man was found unconscious on the street in the Bronx and was hospitalized, and thought he fit the description of the missing local.

A Facebook page dedicated to finding Missing Person – Jason Landry, posted an update based on New York Police Department findings. The post says:

The New York Police Dept. has posted the picture of an unidentified young man that was found lying on a street in the Bronx unresponsive. He is in the hospital right now. The detectives at the Texas AG’s office are in contact with the detectives in New York about Jason. They have already sent the necessary id information for Jason to NY. The people in NY should be able to positively conclude whether this young man is Jason or not later today. Thank you to everyone who have contacted us to let us know about this young man. Please be in prayer for whoever this young man is and his family. We pray that he’ll be identified, recover and be able to rejoin his family.

Missing Person – Jason Landry

The official statement however, concluded that the man found Wednesday, was in fact NOT an unconscious Landry. No ID was found on the man hospitalized, but authorities did say he is not Landry, nor connected to the local missing persons case.

Left: Person found unconscious in the Bronx on July 22 (NYPD Photo); Right: Photo of Jason Landry from the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office