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HONOLULU, HI – Hawaii is known as paradise, but a new proposed state law seems anything but friendly.

The State Department of Human Services is coordinating a ‘return-to-home’ program to get homeless people off the island and returned to the mainland.

The law hasn`t been implemented, and officials say it`s not as bad as it seems. They say many people head to the islands with dreams of living on paradise, only to find out that it comes with a hefty price tag, so many end up homeless.

The proposed law would just guarantee a ticket back home if things don`t work out for new residents of the island.

In fact, out of the reported 6,300 homeless people in Hawaii, only a small percentage of them are actually from the island.

But the idea of giving them the boot isn`t sitting well with some. We guess sometimes paradise isn`t so picturesque after all.