Healthy cuisine just in time for your New Year’s resolution

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HOUSTON, TX – You knew this was coming, the holidays are over and a new year has begun and if you’re like most of us, you’ve resolved to take off a few pounds this year. And it should be no sweat considering it’s likely the same resolution you made last year, too. And if picking the right foods has been a challenge, there’s a place here in Houston that’s right up your alley. Take a peek inside Snap Kitchen.

“It is perfectly portioned, locally sourced, in-season menu,” registered dietitian Andrea Hinsdale explains, “everything is 99% gluten-free and ready to go in a snap.”

It’s a combination restaurant and grocery store, if you will. And the idea is simple: proper nutrition and healthy portions you can order up front, or grab to go if you’re in a pinch. And Chew on This, everything here is made on site; meaning no freezer burn to ruin your calorie burn.

“Our salmon is fresh, never frozen,” Hinsdale says, “It’s flown in from Scotland three to four times a week.”

The Texas-based company is spreading fast, with six locations already open in Houston. And with the gluttony of the holidays behind us, there’s no time like the present to turn over that new leaf.

“Restaurants typically serve us way too much food,” Hinsdale admits, “and that’s what we’ve become accustomed to eating so people really find the fact that we’ve taken all that guess work out of it, it helps them stick to healthier choices and it helps them continue those healthy choices.”

So if you plan on sticking to your resolution this year, there are worse ways to go about it. First thing to do is to back away from the left-overs in you fridge. The rest is up to you.



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