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HOUSTON, Texas — Now that it’s 2015 and we’re all supposed to be starting (or revisiting) a yoga practice, Abby Lentz, founder of HeavyWeight Yoga says drop your preconceived notions. Yoga is for everyone!

“Regardless of your size, your circumstances, you can do yoga. It may not look like what you see in the magazines… but make it work for your body,” she says.

Lentz owns a studio in Austin and has a series of DVDs, with a recent one called “Five by 25” that just came out.

“The first thing yoga does is bring you to a place of affection and self-love. Everything is accessible after that,” says Lentz.

Her students swear by it.

“I couldn’t even find the right clothes, and that mats are too small,” says Rowan Twosisters of her first experiences in yoga studios. But she says Lentz’s program has opened her up physically and emotionally.

“My lower back is less stiff and I’m more flexible… I get more accomplished, I’m more poised. I feel better about myself.”

Lea Deel-Wilson agrees. “It’s also become a more empowering practice,” says  “I know that right now, wherever I am, I am enough.”