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HOUSTON, TX – On July 28, 2014, a Hedwig Village police officer attempted to stop a vehicle for making an illegal turn. That simple traffic stop turned into a high-speed chase and a shootout between the suspect and an officer.

Hedwig Village Police Department has now released the in-car video of the entire incident, which includes the fatal shooting of the driver, Emilio Solis.

Solis emerged from the car with his arm raised as if he was going to surrender. During that time Solis reached for his firearm with his other hand and began shooting at the officer, Officer Andra Gibson.

Gibson was unharmed.

When speaking of Emilio Solis, Hedwig Village Police Chief David Gott said, “He had a pretty good criminal history. He was wanted out of Los Angeles for dangerous drugs and we believe he was involved in at least seven aggravated robberies.”

When speaking about recent officer-involved shootings, Gott said, “Sometimes people violate the law and they don’t want to be arrested, like this guy. He did not want to be arrested, he resisted, and it ended up the way it did. As far as those other cases, I don’t want to comment, but it has been a tough time for police departments.”