Help ‘Create A Safer Place for Me’

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HOUSTON, TX – Create a safer place for me and for others. That’s the message behind the Create a Safer Place for Me campaign

“This is a movement that’s design to inspire, ignite and inform people that each one of us has a role to play in creating safer homes, safer schools safer neighborhoods a safer place for children all across America,” says Community Of Faith Church Bishop James Dixon.

There’s even a new Safer Place anthem.

“We’re really happy and proud to be part of this Create a Safer Place for me and what a great song and what a great message and we want to send the message to our city and the nation and the world; create a safer place for these kids,” said Steve Roddy, Director of the Houston Children’s Chorus.

Violence is an every-day reality check and this campaign is one giant step in the right direction.



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