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hempsteadHEMPSTEAD, TX – There’s trouble brewing in a Texas middle school, and language is what the talk is all about.

Students at Hempstead Middle School are saying their principal is banning speaking Spanish in the classrooms. “No Bueno” says Hempstead’s Hispanic community.

Parents say Principal Amy Lacey made the announcement back on November 12th, but a letter to parents by the superintendent was sent home two weeks later on December 2nd. In it, the Hempstead Independent School District states that, “neither the district or any campus has any policy prohibiting the speaking of Spanish.”

They also say an investigation was launched into the alleged announcement. The situation doesn’t sit well for the residents of Hempstead; Hispanic or not.

Still others say they might understand certain situations where English needs to be at the head of the class, like during an English class. A statement released by the school district says, “at this time the administrator is on administrative leave with pay until the investigation is completed and appropriate action is determined.”

And while Principal Lacey is suspended with pay while Hempstead I.S.D. looks into the alleged Spanish shut-out, some folks think this language fiasco doesn’t translate. They come to Principal Lacey’s defense by saying she would never do anything to undermine the children or take away their rights to speak their native language.