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HOUSTON (KIAH) How many of you have driven through a fast food joint and said “I don’t know” when your order taker welcomes you at the drive-thru? (Raising our hand)

Well, this may have been a total marketing stunt, but it seems to have worked, because it’s making headlines across the country this week. Popular chicken chain Popeyes is trying out a new menu item called the “I Don’t Know Meal” for people who can’t decide what to eat.

The new “I Don’t Know Meal” is geared toward people in relationships who want Popeyes, but their partner doesn’t know what to get.  Here’s how it works…

When you drive-thru and they say, “I don’t know” . . . you can respond with, “Okay, great.” They’ll say “I’ll get you that then.” No worries about confusion because the it’s a gimmick … BUT! A well-working one!

What’s in the “I Don’t Know” meal

So what did you just order? The “I Don’t Know Meal” is just Popeyes’ MOST popular menu item: a chicken sandwich.  Your bonus is: Order online or through their app, and you’ll get one of their new “premium lemonades” for FREE.

It’s available for a limited time at participating locations.