HFD releases photo of man wanted in deadly motel fire

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HOUSTON, TX – The Houston Fire Department wants you to take a good hard look at this photo. If you know who the man pictured is, give them a call at either 713-551-2244 or 713-551-2239.

“If anyone knows him, we would certainly want to get in touch with him,” says HFD Public Information Officer Jay Evans.

The appeal stems back to that massive motel and restaurant fire in southwest Houston last May where four firefighters were killed. Evans says the man in question is not a suspect.

“We would just like to talk to him since he was there on the scene, to see what he can add to the investigation. We have had several of the employees speculate he could be of Indian descent, but he could also be a white guy.”

Evans says the investigation will likely continue for several more months.



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