High speed carjacking chase ends in crash, 4 hospitalized

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HOUSTON, TX – As if a carjacking isn’t potentially deadly enough; this one turns into a high-speed rodeo road show, that landed four people in the hospital.

The Houston Police Department says two suspects carjacked two men in a Chevy Tahoe in the Heights area, then the suspects picked up two of their buddies to make another carjacking in northwest Houston.

It took more than On-Star, HPD, Harris County Sheriffs, Jersey Village cops, and a DPS helicopter to slow down the would-be getaway robbers.

The show stopper — an 18-wheeler!

The chase came to a crashing end when the carjackers slammed the stolen Chevy Tahoe into an 18-wheeler at FM-529 and Fairview about 90 miles an hour!

Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, evading police — the list of charges rolls on.

Crashed and cuffed; looks like the robbers are the ones who got jacked up.

You can guess, the next ride they’ll have is in the back of a cop car.


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