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PHILADELPHIA – Thursday night, Hillary Clinton made what some call, the speech of her life saying (among other things), “‘America is once again at a moment of reckoning. Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart.” Speaking of Trump, the Republican nominee called the speech “long” and “boring”.

Regardless, it was a ground breaking day for women, as Clinton became the first female to accept the Presidential nomination.

As the crowd chanted “Hillary! Hillary!” Chelsea Clinton told the nation how proud she is of her ma, “I hope that my children will someday be as proud of me as I am of my mom.” We know Chelsea loved the speech, but what do you think?

LaKenya Martin watched the speech with her three-year-old daughter.  “The glass ceiling is being broken, seriously. It gives us hope. It gives us hope for our youth. It gives us hope for our daughters. It gives us hope for our country again” says Martin.  Treleta Walker liked the speech and says, “She’s accomplished a lot, she broke that glass ceiling, so I’m for her.”  Teresa Jacks agrees and adds, “This is exactly what we need, a voice, a female voice, behind her message.”

Alvernice Roquemore, 71,  didn’t think she’d live to see this day. “I did not think that I would see it in my lifetime. I’m happy that it happened. I think it was a long time coming and that it took much longer than it should have.” Her grand-daughter, Maya Barnes, will be voting in her first election in November and says, “Obama opened the gates for change, and I’m glad that we have Hillary because I’m female, and I need someone that’s female in office for once.”

Denise Bryant agreed that Clinton’s nomination was an excellent step forward for feminism but tells us, “I don’t feel like I would vote for Hillary.”

She’s not alone but everyone has until Tuesday, November 8th to choose the person they want to lead our country.