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HISD cancels NRA gun safety classes

HOUSTON, TX – The NRA’s in town holding its 142nd annual meetings. 500 exhibits covering 400,000 square feet of the George R. Brown Convention Center; all about guns all weekend long.

Not everyone is as enthusiastic about the NRA’s visit.

The Houston Independent School District shot down the NRA’s gun safety eagle.

The message in the presentation is clear and obviously important for kids to hear.

The question is who is sending it?

After 2 HISD principals invited Eddie Eagle to their campuses to teach young kids gun safety, the NRA safety mascot was abruptly shooed away hours before the bird made it to the campuses.

You see, the principals of Peck Elementary and Martin Luther King Early Childhood Center had no idea the program was sponsored by the National Rifle Association.

Once HISD made the connection, they wanted no part of it.

The principals chose to cancel the presentations in order to avoid the appearance of taking a side in the gun control debate.

But parents think it`s an important lesson for their children to learn, though some parents understand the controversy.

HISD says, students are instructed about gun safety by its own police officers anytime a principal makes a request.

The NRA didn’t respond to HISD’s snub.

But as long as our kids learn what they should or shouldn’t do around guns, does it really matter who teaches it?

What do you think?