HISD trustees postpone decision on whether or not to shut down Hope Academy

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HOUSTON, TX – If there’s one thing we learned from George Michael in 1987, it was to have a little faith. That’s what some are holding onto, well more like hope, Hope Academy that is.

Houston ISD trustees postponed a decision on whether or not to close down the Hope Academy Charter School, a school that provides education for at-risk students. Hope supporters showed up to Thursday’s board meeting to make their voices heard.

“These are students that need just a little extra help. They’re not so much forgotten, they just need the extra helping hand, said Tahir H. Charles.  “So it’s going to be very imperative for that school to stay open because I’m not sure if there’s any other academic centers that are doing such work,” he said.

Recently, a cloud has hovered over Hope Academy with allegations of grade changing, misplaced credits and transcripts and more. Hope supporters feel the district isn’t doing enough to look into the allegations and save the school, and that other HISD schools get better treatment, even in the midst of scandal. However, officials say that’s not the case.

“The difference is principals at HISD schools are district employees, and they can be terminated for altering official state documents. Charter school employees are not district employees, and our recourse is to cancel the charter we have with them,” said one HISD official during the board meeting.

For now, no decision will be made. Trustee Wanda Adams recommended that the board withhold any action until they are able to thoroughly review all the documents.

Now many are just left clinging onto that four letter word — hope.



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