Historic: President Obama visits Cuba.

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HAVANA, Cuba - It's morning in Cuba… and guess who came to Havana to wake everybody up? President Barack Obama brought his whole family to Cuba to try to make something good out of decades of mistrust, rivalry and resentment.

"This is a historic visit, and it is a historic opportunity to engage directly with the Cuban people", he declared at the newly reopened U.S. embassy.  On Monday, the American president paid a visit to the Jose Marti Memorial, a leader who fought for Cuban independence from Spain.  It looks like step by step, relations between the two countries are warming.

"We're pleased to have you here", said Cuban president Raul Castro at the beginning of the joint-press conference.  And then he talked about the main issue, in his view, affecting the bilateral relation: "The blockade stands as the last important obstacle to our economic development and well being of the Cuban people."

So, what happened in Cuba all these years? Not much, really: the same old Castros ruling the island, still no bluetooth in cars, free healthcare, no food, no easy internet access, not much connection with the outside world… All you need for a great vacation.  Just ask Beyonce and Jay Z.

On a side note, while the leaders met, dissidents protested and were arrested in Havana, and the exiled in Miami marched to show their discontent with the aperture.

But the times they are a-changin'.  The moral of the story?  What a revolution can break, the need for money and goods can glue back together.  No kidding.


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